Crazy Dreams

since I’ve been staying at my Gramma’s house taking care of her, I’ve been having some funky ass dreams.  probably because i’m not really sleeping that good. there’s several so i’ll separate them by numbers. 


me & my friend christen were sitting somewhere (this dream was a while ago so i don’t remember if it was a house or where) and we were both pregnant. Shawn came over and kissed me and left, he must have been going to work or whatever.  So me and christen were just sitting there talking and she says who else is here? and i said shawn left. i dnt know. so his one guy i was friends with forever ago walks in charles.  (i havent seen him since 2006 and before that it had been a really long time.) but we both got up and hugged him. and i said why are you here?  he said arent you glad to see me? i said well yea but what did you do? he said i really fucked up this time man. (i was always friends with the stoners and the kids that got in trouble, but i never touched drugs or got in trouble my self. i was like the “mother” type). so i asked what he did and he said is that really important. and started to come on to me. i said what are you doing get the fuck away from me! he looked at christen and said now i might be going away for a long time and she wont even let me touch her. i screamed im pregnant! he said thats ok. i said youve been trying to get in my pants for years. its still not gonna work.  then he said if i get life will you finally sleep with me? i said what did you do?? he said i cant. christen laughed and said shawn will kill you.  i said you shut up and chuckled. i went in the other room for a second and he told christen what he did, and she said he’ll never get life, make the deal. 


i was with shawn and we were live the good life in a house that reminded me of La Boulaie (i’ll wait til you goggle it.)  and my friend Tim was there. and he was staying with us.  and thats weird becase him & shawn dont reall get along.  and i was talking on the phone to someone but i dont remember who. and Tim came downstairs naked. and i said dude youre naked he said yea, and? i said seriously.  youre getting cock all over my furniture.  and whoever i was talking to on the phone i said yea its bigger than i thought.  and yea it does have to compensate for his huge ass. (he’s white, but hes got a black girls ass and we would always tease him. but he didnt mind.) 

(not really much of a dream but it was weird).

I know there was more i just cant think right now. im tired. and i have to go back to gramma’s house. the land of no internet and no dvr.  ugh. but if i remember i’ll type them up over there.  


Let me give you some back story first.

I’ve been at my sister’s house for a while. And she finally kicked out that lazy bum she called a boyfriend. I think it’s now safe to say I pretty much hated him. Well out he goes and like a week later she has a new one. I know. Like why can’t I have that luck. Anyway, met him & love him. His name is Buster. (On a side note he makes REALLY good money. That will be important for the dream.) He is soooooo much better for her. And getting back to my point, Buster has a roommate, Greg, and they carpool to work together. They work like 45 minutes from where they live, so I guess it’s nice to have someone to be able to switch off with driving. Getting back to my point again, we went over to Busters place the one day. My sister said she had never met Greg either. So her and buster are all over each other, so I did the polite thing to do and started conversation with Greg. We left went home and the next day buster calls and tells Chelle that Greg thought I was absolutely gorgeous. I figured he was just messing with me. Because I didn’t act lady like at all. I farted I burped I yelled at the kids. I wasn’t on show off behavior. But buster said not to tell me. So of course the second Chelle hangs up the phone she tells me. So then we had them over for dinner. I didn’t really talk to him other than polite conversation again. But as soon as Chelle and buster went in the bedroom we started making fun of them. They kinda ran in there. Like how horny are you?! Then they came out and I thought Chelle was gonna run through the wall to get a cigarette. I said well we don’t have to guess anymore. And just picked on them.

So now for the dream. It was the night we had them over for dinner.

I was with Shawn (like most of my dreams). And I was at my friend Katie’s house. She’s pregnant (no really not just in the dream) and I was over there just talking and I said in not feeling right. So she had me take a pregnancy test. It was positive. She flipped out on me. (Most of my friends & my mother hate Shawn. Don’t ask. Long story.) my ma told me I had to leave. That she didn’t want me to have anything to do with him. So I called Chelle told her and she said for us to move in with her. So we did. And buster was living with her too. He said that house was getting too small with 4 adults & 4 kids soon to be 5. So he went out and we didn’t know where he was. But he came back and he said everyone start packing. He just got a house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. And it had a second master for me and Shawn.

Then the sadness sets in as I wake.


It started off that me, and my 2 friends katie & remba (her name is Amber. That’s just what I call her.)were at some house that I didn’t recognize. And there was this creepy older guy that kept lurking around. I kept checking my phone caz I was worried about Gina (even in my dreams I need ativan) and Shawn came into the living room from one of the bedrooms. And he hugged me. We started talking with Katie & Remba too. And he took my hand and lead me over to the couch and we sat down & he kissed me. He said do you remember the first time I kissed you? I said yea its one of the few things I do still remember from before Jacob was born. I got up to get something to drink and I said to Katie where did Shawn go? She said she thought he went back toward the bedrooms. So I went to follow him and he started kissing me and we slept together. After that I went back to the kitchen where Katie & Remba were. And I said to Remba guess what guess what. She said what. I said I fucked Shawn. (Remba doesn’t cuss at all. Ever. So I. Cuss like a sailor around her) I fucked Shawn, Remba!!!!!! I fucked him! I fucked him! She said STOP SAYING THAT. He came out and put his arms around me.

And I woke up. At least I got the good part. XD


I don’t know where I was in the dream, but my brother, sister-in-law, their 3 kids, my oldest sister, her 4 kids, and my other sister were all where ever I was. And Dino was there.

We must have been on vacation or something. Because I was trying to get all the kids stuff put away in their bedrooms and get the beds made, and Dino came in and grabbed me from behind while I was making one of the beds. And he said “have you figured out yet where everyone else is sleeping?” I told him I was fine crawling into bed with one of the kids. And I grinned. He says “we need a bedroom babe.” I said I’ll figure it out and kissed him.

Well later that day, I was still getting the kids rooms together (this is typical that I’m doing everything for the kids. But my sister-in-law usually helps me.) And Dino walks into the bedroom I was in with a towel around his shoulders (like he was just swimming) and his head down. I said what’s wrong. He took the towel off. His chest was red as the Kmart “K”. I started laughing. He said “I fell asleep in the pool.” I laughed harder and he said “I can’t even put a shirt on!” I said so don’t put one on. We’re not planning on leaving tonight.

So later that night after all the kids were in bed, we just decided we would sleep in the living room. Dino is still walking around like he’s Frankenstein from the sun burn. He says “I don’t think we should sleep together tonight. I’m having a hard enough time just me.” So I told him quit being a baby.

We tried to sleep on the pull out bed. Everytime I got close to him & comfortable, he would scream. So I just kissed him and went into sleep with the kids.

Its not really that crazy. But I thought it was nice.



i didn’t have any that were real long, but they were all weird. 

1. My Nana and Poppa (who are both gone) went to florida to see my brother, sister-in-law, and their kids.  Well my Poppa wouldn’t fly.  i’m almost positive that he drove everywhere he went.  but in the dream they both flew down.  They called me and said we cant stand it down here, its gross, don’t know why anyone would ever wanna come here, we need you to come get us!!  so i took so Valium and flew down to get them.  well Nana just wanted to get home, so i put her on a plane, and my ma would pick her up from the airport.  Since me and Poppa don’t fly, we hired a driver to drive us home.  (my Poppa was a proud man and NEVER would have gotten a driver, even though he could have afforded one.  He would have rented a car and drove home himself.  and he wouldn’t have wanted Nana to fly by her self either.)

2. (this one is kinda long.) My friend Katie (the one that drives me nuts more often than not) talked me into going to this “spa” thing with her and her boyfriend.  don’t know where it was, but when we got there, it was like a swingers type of thing.  and i was flipping shit.  that’s weird as fuck to me.  so you had to draw a bracelet out of the basket, and whoever had the matching one was your partner for the weekend.  Eww.  (Katie has been with nick since we were 14.  We are now 21, and they live together and are supposed to be engaged.  but they don’t act like it.  She has always had “jungle fever” if you know what i mean.  But I’m almost positive that shes never “been” with any one but Nick).  So she says, i hope i get that cup of “hot chocolate” over there! (that was my attempt at explaining “jungle fever” if you didn’t know what i meant.)  She didn’t get him, she ended up getting this geeky looking white guy.  And Nick got a girl that was cute, not drop dead gorgeous, but she was cute, blonde hair (opposite of Katie), glasses, and kinda looked like the quiet type.  I tried my hardest not to take a bracelet, but katie grabbed one and gave it to me.  I was very relieved when i found out there was 1 bracelet in the mens and womens that wasn’t a match.  I got that bracelet.  and the odd one in the mens was left over.  i was happy when i found out that meant pedicures and Soapnet for me.  Just as i had expected.  Well i was walking out of the bathroom, and i saw dino out of the corner of my eye.  (Dino is the one i haven’t seen in forever, texted him a while ago and he was leaving for Greece.  Haven’t had a chance to talk to him since.) So i kept leaving my room and just wondering around, looking for him.  Well i finally found him and he asked who i was paired up with.  I said i didn’t know what this was when i agreed to come, so i got lucky drawing the odd bracelet.  He said he didn’t know what this was either, but tried to go along with it, but the girl he got was definitely a call girl, so he told her dont touch me!  So we went down to the bar and got drunk (i NEVER drink, if i do its only like 1.  I dont like the feeling, i feel like im having another seizure.  So i just dont drink.  im not against it, just dont like the feeling.)  and spent the rest of the time together. and yes, SoapNet was on the TV still.  gotta catch on GH, Y&R, and DAYS after all!

3. My Friend Amber (Who i always call Remba, Its Amber sorta backwards.  Rebma doesnt flow the way Remba does.)  was getting a new apartment.  (First you gotta know about Remba.  shes only had 1 boyfriend who shes now engaged to.  they got engaged christmas eve 2009, i believe.  Shes the stereotype “christian”, i use that term loosely, she doesnt shove her religion down your throat, but shes a “goodie goodie”.  she doesnt stay out of her house past 9pm, not even to go to walmart, she doesnt drink, smoke, or swear.  i doubt with everything in me that her and the bf have done anything but kiss.  and shes very self consious. back to the dream.)  well she got all moved in and invited me over, so i went over and i knocked, and no answer.  the door was unlocked so i walked in.  i yelled REMBA! Where are you!? still no answer.  i walked into her bedroom where there was some kinky shit down on her and matt both screamed and i left.  (i know even after they are married Remba wont be real creative in the bedroom with anything other than the bedding.)

4. i was at the mall (i hate the mall and avoid it like the plague) and i got an email from Tina. (i was friends with her in high school.  not real close, but i still would consider her a friend.  she has since moved away to go to school. i havent seen her since graduation in 2008.)  she asked if i wanted to grab dinner later and catch up.  i replied back sure, sounds good.  well about 10 minutes later my cell phone rang, i answered it and it was Tina’s mom (who ive never met, like i said we werent close) she asked if Tina was with me.  I told her not right now, but im meeting her later for dinner.  i said is everything ok.  she said no, she has been trying to call her for 2 hours and couldnt get a hold of her.  i told her when i see her id make sure she called.  her mom asked me to call her cell, i said i dont have her cell number anymore, her mom gave it to me.  she said shes worried about her, she heard the witness protection was in town and wanted to make sure Tina was ok.  so i couldnt get a hold of her either.  but when i met her for dinner i told her that her ma had called ,me and she was worried.  she said her phone had died and what did she want.  i tod her, her ma heard the witness protection was in town and she was worried.  she rolled her eyes and said yea my mom is crazy like that. 

ok so i think that covers all of them.  im sure ill have more this weekend.


attempt 2.  i tried to post this from my phone but my fingers are too fat.  ugh.

So last night, I had a dream about someone that used to mean a lot to me, but I haven’t seem him in a really long time.

But I was at my sisters house, watching her kids, and I was waiting for her youngest to come home. And we were getting ready for bed, and my phone rang. I didn’t have the number saved in my phone, but I answered it. It was Dino. He asked if he could stay at my place, that he had no where else to go. I said I was staying at my sisters house, but sure she won’t care. He said he was at the airport and he would be over soon. (My sister lives in west Virginia. No where near an airport. The closest one is 2.5 hours away in Pittsburgh.) I told him I couldn’t give him directions, it would be too hard. But I would meet him at the 7/11 down the road. So he said ok and we hung up. I met him and took him back to the house and told him there were no more beds and the couch is too uncomfortable to sit on. So I told him just sleep with me in my niece’s room, I had a queen size bed. There’s more than enough room. So he changed in the bathroom, and came into bed and we slept.

The next morning I was up and sitting in the living room, with my sister watching our soaps.  he came out and asked if he could talk to me.  i said yea, and walked over to the computer room, and i said whats up.  he said how long have you had feelings for me, i said what are you talking about (yea i actually do have feelings for him, but i havent seen him since 2006, which is why i never talk about dino.)?  he said you didnt ask anything when i called.  you just said yea no problem.  i said i was trying to be a good friend.  he said he said a good friend would have said what the fuck happened? you didnt care, you were just happy i was ok.  i said well yea, i was being a good friend.  what did i say in my sleep? he said nothing, but quit lying to me, how long have you had feelings for me? and he said there! you do! you grinned! i said fine, do you remember when i bought you that stupid grand theft auto video game? (i think we were in 8th grade, that was about 2003, i think.) And he said, yea……… for real?!? that long?!?! i said it was after you had your buddy safos ask me if i was into you. 

then somehow, we ended back up at aunt ruby’s old house.  and he was telling me how much he loved me and how hes waited so long for this, and he was kissing me. 

then i fucking woke up.  always the worst timing. 


This whole week I’ve been having horrible dreams. I can only vaguely remember a few.

2 days ago- For some reason my mom, step dad, stepbrother and I lived at my grandmas house. So I was hanging out with my step brother and I guess the wind started to pick up and it was moving my step dads car and it was moving backwards, it crossed the street and was moving towards the neighbors house so I went and woke up my parents and told them that the car was being blown away any they needed to move it or it was gonna run into the neighbors house. As soon as we went outside, a car came racing down the street and hit the car. Instead of stopping the continued down the street and parked their car 5 houses down into the garage. I started yelling at them and they said something back but I don’t remember what. Then their car caught on fire and they closed the garage and 2 seconds later the house blew up killing everybody inside that house.

Last night- My neighbors across the street were having a few people over and for some reason I couldn’t sleep so I went outside to smoke when all of the sudden cops showed up at my neighbors house and were bring 2 bodies out in body bags. The cops told me that two people inside the house were shot by somebody who broke into the house and the guy was still on the loose. So I went and told my mom what happened and she realized we didn’t have a lock on our basement door so we need to be careful just in case somebody tries to break into our house. So I tried to go back to sleep but I kept thinking I was hearing things and so I was looking around my room for a weapon and when I looked to my right there was somebody on my left wearing all black and held a gun to my head and that’s where I woke up.

A few weeks ago or so.

So the dream was that I was getting married to some Indian prince. I don’t know where we were. But my ma was there and my best friends Amanda and Brittany. But they weren’t allowed to be my bridesmaids, and I didn’t know my bridesmaids. But my dress was beautiful. It was white, and it was strapless and fitted to my waist. It had a lot of embellishments and my boobs looked amazing.

But I wasn’t feeling good, so I went looking for my ma. And I got sick, and ma told me I was probably pregnant. But I hadn’t slept with the guy I was marrying. So I went and told Amanda and Brittany and said not to tell anyone. I told them the baby was probably Shawn’s.

I didn’t want him or his family to find out before we got married. But I wanted to tell Shawn. And I was freaking out that my dress wasn’t gonna fit.

The next day was the wedding and all I wanted is to see the kids. So I saw my ma and she had Jacob and Jonathan with her. And they ran over to me and I hugged them. And someone came up to me and said I wasn’t allowed to see them. I said bet me! No one is gonna keep my kids away from me when I get married. So I grabbed the kids and ma followed me along with Amanda and Brittany.

Then I woke up. But it was really weird.


So this one was really fucked up. Caz all the people in my dream I don’t even talk to anymore.

I was going to some fancy ass hotel. Like nicer than the ones I’m used to and I’ve never stayed at anything other than a Marriott.

The lobby was beautiful. Ceramic everything. Crystal chandeliers. It all looked really expensive. Don’t really know how relevant this is.

But I checked in and got the key card for the room, and I went in and becca was there. She used to be my best friend. She was like a sister, but then she got into sex and drugs, and not enough rock and roll. She was looking around the room that looked to be at least $300 a night. There was a king size bed and a couch that pulled out and a full kitchen. She said she was gonna get a roll away bed caz there would be too many people in the bed.

Then Arien (she used to be one of my best friends too. Now she’s friends with people I hate.) came and we were supposed to go to a party sorta. It was a private place, not at the hotel, but there was a hot tub and a small pool. Arien’s bf Joey was there. And there was a guy there waiting for Becca. but I didn’t know him or who he was, I didn’t in the dream either. But I was with Shawn and he wasn’t there. He was out of town for something. But Joey brought a friend with him. I don’t know who it was now, but I did in the dream. I know he was nerdy and he was joey’s age (a year younger than me). But we all knew he was totally in love with me, and Joey knew Shawn wouldn’t be there and that’s why he invited him to come.

So we go back to the hotel and we must have been there for a wedding, caz we all had really nice outfits to wear. I was sleeping with this guy (we will call him Liam caz I like that name and it’s better than dude) and he was like literally doing everything for me and always saying I love you. And I kept telling him it was over when Shawn came back. I think I was married to Shawn.  but i didnt care if Shawn found out, i felt like he wouldnt mind (which is totally different from reality). 

but i was happy with Liam, and he was waiting on me hand and foot, but i didnt really want him to.  it was time for the wedding, and i got all dressed up, and was all redy to go.  Liam thought he was going with me, and i told him no Shawn was coming.  and Shawn walked in (except it wasnt Shawn, it was Ryan Atwood, who he looks NOTHING like), and i told him to get dressed.  and Liam started freaking out.  and screaming like what the fuck, i thought you were leaving him for me, i thought we were happy.  and i said no i kept telling you when Shawn comes back, we’re done.  and Shawn was just standing there like he didnt have a problem with it. then me and Shawn were walking out of theroom, and Arien come screaming at us, saying “i cant believe you 2, youre so fucking rude.” we had no idea what she was talking about.  and she finally says its my birthday assholes.  (but her real birthday is in october).

i dont know if i woke up then, or if thats just all i can remember.